Add ichthyosis to that and you have about 20 skin conditions wrapped up in one genetic disorder that medical community say is not curable, but treatable.

Every disease was that of the skin in times of old. The skin, outside the body will indicate health, good or poor. These days, we are more wrapped in vanity, treating melanin as a substance to be treated with lightening creams and pigmentation by applying makeup foundations for eveness. We often refuse to understand skin melanin and pigmentation.

What is skin is probably the least asked question but the most important one to ask. 

Any symptom on the skin in the wotld of Doxa is to be cleansed. The outer most surface of Skin is the Epidermis and it is varying degrees of dead cells. We can either not understand melanin, the pigment that protects us from the harmful rays of the sun or we can understand melanin is a pigment and it has the capacity to protect and to suffocate when it's protective function is gone. 

Many do not understand the need to remove dead cells, exfoliating constantly in the most gentlest of ways, not to disturb the body's protective covering. Body waste, dead cells are potentially dangerous to our skin as innate immunity when mixed with sebum, hormones, melanin, vitaminD which are made with cholesterol. 

When we speak of clogged pores, this is the waste that clogs them, causing varying, multiple skin disorders. We say we have disease instead of truly focusing on ridding the body of dead cells as a snake sheds skin. 

Doxa products bring balance to our skin pigment, melanin, and can prevent unwanted pigmentation on the skin by gently cleansing, balancing and hydrating at the proper skin layer. Doxa does not allow skin to fold in on itself by removing buildup, avoiding ingrown hair, inflamed pimples. 

One more thought...

If you understand melanocytes as a holding melanin that pours melanin into the epidermis then you can understand if the bottle is turned over and wasting. You can imagine black pock marks and the difficulties and time it takes to aright the bottle. 

Another consideration is the used melanin that covers the outer organs and especially neuromelanin that must be wasted from the body. 

Again. What is skin?

Skin is the largest organ and must be respected as an eliminator of waste and receptor of nutrients.

We are complex beings and skin is where all the action is if we allow it. Melanin and skin pigmentation need to not be oiled and lotioned because that only hypers the problem after medical treatment. Our melanin copolymerize and creates an rubberized, calloused skin buildup that creates an environment for these multiple, varying skin disorders to occur.


DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor or scientist. I am a Faith Healer, using works by my faith that God shows me how to care for the body. I am a Georgia State Licensed Cosmetologist. I do not diagnose but do observe and refer to medical doctors for care. I am here to help, for I see people more times than they visit doctors and I have products that work handily to clean skin and not interfere with proper medical internal treatments. The Epidermis is my specialty. 

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