About Me

I am Arlene Embola.

Have you ever felt you don't quite feel like you work, like you don't know what's broken but something must be because you don't quite know why what you do is so ...fleeting? I do suppose many women feel this way about caring for their hair and skin.

I am an Army Veteran who became a master cosmetologist. The constant battle to help advise and secure women, including my four daughters, in their beauty was exhausting, not to mention the women who were really hurting from thinning,

shedding, and  alopecia coupled with adult acne, facial hair, autoimmune diseases, cancers, lupus, very low self-esteem, and more.

I often found a convergence of a plethora of issues in one being, and I thought... surely, it all must connect.

It did! Keratin protein, sebum, cholesterol, melanin, lymph, and the skin and hair can do more for us than previously thought or imagined.

The scientific and medical community lists the skin as the first line of defense against disease and illness. With hair being an appendage of the skin and the skin the largest organ, why can I not help in a more practical way than cosmetics? 

Little did I know I would stumble upon a care so complete that the results and testimonies still baffle me. We were in distress, and all action taken was based upon my faith to do something to help!

I was led to make three handmade products over a three year period, effectively pulling the body back into comprehensive care. My clients needed to know we are created as one being, one body with many members that, physically, are the same, individually and collectively. We all needed a re-education!

I make Doxa Balancing Tonique concentrate in batches based upon inspired and seasonal elements. I make our DoxaSoft Soaps in an intense melt and pour method. I make our Doxa Hydrating Gelly in a refined, targeted process. I teach my clients how to cleanse, balance, and hydrate their bodies to wholeness.

Primarily, I desire to consciously connect the subconscious and improve the performance of involuntary body functions by creating access to our blood by way of flushing lymphatics through skin and hair. I believe the health of our body is intricately linked to our hygiene.

Desiring a more intelligent and purposefully healthy clientele, I am resolved to introduce Doxa on and individual level and eventually worldwide.