Birthing Beauty and Beyond

The Doxa 21-Day Challenge is designed as a way for you to zero in on yourself as you jumpstart your hair and skin-purging process. It encourages you to be accountable for your well-being, hair to toe. It is all about getting to know you in the purest form so that you may balance your body into a more natural evolution, taking care of it while it takes care of you.

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  • What's the Challenge?

    So, what exactly is the challenge? The challenge is cleaning your hair and skin. That's it! While this challenge is designed for 21 days, the reality is that change may occur within a range of timeframes, sometimes much longer. According to Medical News Today, changing a habit may take up to 254 days.

  • What's Included?

    The Doxa 21-Day Challenge includes the following:

    • 4 DoxaSoft Soaps
    • 2 Doxa Balancing Tonique 
    • 1 Doxa Hydrating Gelly
    • 1 Doxa Anointing Oil 
    • Exfoliating cloth or glove
    • Hair turban
    • Face wash tool
    • Travel bottles
    • Spray bottle
    • Daily and weekly updates via text and email
  • Why Doxa?

    Hairthcare [hair + earth] is in your hands. Your experience with this program will be influenced by your past and present health. No need to sit in a salon chair for the Doxa experience. It's all about YOU!

    Your commitment to the Doxa 21-Day Challenge is your commitment to a cleaner, healthier you.

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