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START our triune NATURAL Care:

Step ONE: DoxaSoft Soap

Step TWO: Doxa Balancing Tonique

Step THREE: Doxa Hydrating Gelly

Intensely effective to wash out greasy hair products leaving hair, skin, scalp ready to return to nature! It is radical and IT WORKS!

Don't wait, DO IT!



Doxa Doxa Doxa!

ONE and TWO then, THREE!

No turning back!

Cleanse + Balance + Hydrate = Doxafied!

Our OWN little CORNER!

We do not ascribe to skin color separation.  🌎All 🌍Peoples🌏 are OneSkin, contrary to popular belief and cosmetic marketing.  We all have varying issues with our skin, but nevertheless, OneSkin.  It is a matter of ▶️understanding◀️ the functionality of sebaceous glands and skin layering;  natural oil, cholesterol production is the root of all that matters. ✔Sebum and Hormones, left misunderstood, prevent great skincare; poor quality skin covering our hair, leaves us with poor, warring hair strands. ✅The ability to use our sebum to direct our steroids/hormones without impurities interfering is the cornerstone of Doxa Trinity.

🔊I am a Licensed Cosmetologist and I address all matters of the epidermis. In my care for people, infants👶  to seniors👵, I discovered  and must share my findings to better mankind to greater living. It is a comprehensively systematic approach, using simple clean🛀 as the mode of delivering this complex message of the largest organ's ability to be our primary immune system protection, as originally designed.🙏 The SKIN is keratin protein hardening as our dead cells exit our bodies.

👉DOXA is a mimic of a normal EATing diet, full of nutrients🥭🥕, minerals🍋 and 🥔vitamins🥥 for skin, hair and bodycare. We believe the skin has pores that eat through absorption and keratin protein that need the building blocks🔠in food. We 'feed' it wholesomeness from the earth🌳, in the purest form possible and as the body has the built-in ability to heal☯️ itself,

👉Doxa joins in concert with its natural cleansing. We treat the body as OneBody, having different parts🧩, all coming from the same place... INSIDE! Our body parts do different things, but they all are the same🧬 physical structural makeup. We have removed the physiological block that hampers our true self from connecting our body, spirit and soul.💡

●OneSkin ● A New Industry●

-developed by Arlene Embola

Doxafied Life


Ask yourself...

1. How does an organ perform?

2. What does it do?

3. Can skin operate on its own?

4. What all do we have to do to the skin?  The hair? 

5. Have we given our skin and hair a fair shot to do what other organs do?

SKIN COLOR: Protection, not Identity

We all struggle with body, skin and hair issues because of cultural manipulation and ignorance to true science.

 We are not our skin color.

All skin consists mostly of KERATIN PROTEIN, not melanin.

Wash your skin, Wash your brain!

Skin covers hair to toe.

Come Alive with DOXA!



Think skin. Think color. Think limitless. Be you.

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