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Welcome to the intersection of hair and health! Doxa presents a unique, unmatched approach to hair and skin care, rooted in commonsense hygiene. Experience the power of nature's finest herbs, fruits, and veggies with the powerful Doxa trilogy! Discover the complete Doxa line from soothing soaps to the balancing tonique and the hydrating gelly. Get ready to activate your body's natural health, hair to toe, with practical preventative measures. Let us "unhairth" your true beauty!

Meet Doxa Creator

Arlene Embola is the "hairthcare" expert, specializing in clean hair, skin, and body through her signature DOXA system. With nineteen years of experience, this salon owner and licensed cosmetologist is pioneering the intersection between hair and health, powered by the earth, emphasizing the “care” in hair care and, ultimately, skin care. Her specialty-crafted line of natural products and accompanying body-work techniques target the root where our health is expressed through our hair and skin. 

More About Arlene
  • Dana G.

    "By FAR the best hair and skin care system I have ever experienced. From the personalized service to the ingredients used to create the Doxa products, CARE is there! I'd recommend it to EVERYONE...no matter the skin or hair type."

  • Regina N.

    "I absolutely recommend the service and experience I receive every time I go to this "hair heaven." Arlene is nothing short of amazing! She has taught me so much! When I go in for my appointment, I always leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed! Arlene truly cares about the health of the total body and mind!"

  • Quansa M.

    "Arlene has hair and skin down to a science. The atmosphere at her salon is very relaxing services include a facial and hand massage...massage..WHO DOES THAT? Arlene Embola that's who. No waiting, no crowd, just you, her and the magic of Doxa! I recommend her services and products (DoxaSoft Soap, Doxa Tonique, Doxa Hydrating Gelly...in that order) to everyone regardless of race."

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