Jaynie A.

Arlene changed my whole outlook on hair and helped me love what god gave me. My frizzy, thinning and out of control hair got The Doxa Gene overhaul! Now, I am not afraid to wear my hair down. I swear by Transformation and recommend Doxa to anyone who wants to love their hair but is afraid. I didn't know how to love my hair, until Doxa!

Dana G.
By FAR the best hair and skin care system I have ever experienced. From the personalized service to the ingredients used to create the Doxa products, CARE is there! I'd recommend it to EVERYONE...no matter the skin or hair type.

Tranisha R.
I began going to Transformation Salon 8 years ago to start my transition from relaxed to natural hair. Mrs. Arlene has walked me through many phases of my hair and skin journey. Her skin advice has been more useful to me than any dermatologist I have seen. She creates a peaceful environment and gives you her undivided attention. Doxa steps 1,2 & 3 has literally saved my hair, skin and confidence. I recommend Tranformation Salon for anyone who wants to truly understand their hair, skin and body

Alesia L.
I highly recommend this salon!!! Arlene has the heart of angel. She has cared for me up close and now still far away! If you are willing to discover and learn about your hair, skin and body, Transformation Salon will truly live up to its name and you will be TRANSFORMED inside and out!

Regina N.
Arlene is wonderful person that is Godsent. I love her and all her services. Doxa has changed my skincare regime for life. I had adult acne, but not after I used Doxa! Doxa is my everything from the top of my head to the sole of feet. Thank you, Arlene. I am a customer for life!

Quansa M.
Arlene has hair and skin down to a science. The atmosphere at her salon is very relaxing services include a facial and hand massage...massage..WHO DOES THAT? Arlene Embola that's who. No waiting, no crowd, just you, her and the magic of Doxa! I recommend her services and products ( DoxaSoft Soap, Doxa Tonique, Doxa Hydrating Gelly...in that order) to everyone regardless of race.

Twila M.
Arlene embodies the art of professionalism and is at the top of her game.  She is supremely intelligent and knows a great deal about hair and skin care. I would recommend her to anyone! She owns customer service.  There is no better place, so look no further.

Antionette P.
I absolutely recommend the service and experience I receive every time I go to this "hair heaven." Arlene is nothing short of amazing! She has taught me so much! When I go in for my appointment, I always leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and renewed! Arlene truly cares about the health of the total body and mind! She takes the time to educate you about your hair, skin and body in a way I have never heard anyone do it before! The Doxa products she uses on your skin and hair are the real NATURAL deal! My hair and skin are so vibrant and alive!  One trip to this place and I promise you will never be the same! I promise your hair and skin will thank you later!

Cullen J.
I used to use commercial gels and pommades for many years, now I only use Doxa products and they do a fantastic job of making my fine hair look full with a great hold. Doxa products-soaps, tonique and gelly- help my skin feel clean and healthy. There are wide seasonal variations and can also be customized. Some of my favorite DoxaSoft soaps are charcoal and mango!

Kimberly M.
If you are serious about your total body care then DOXA is for you. It hasn't failed me yet. I will admit, in the beginning I was skeptical and afraid due to my scalp condition but I trusted Arlene and I am a living witness to the healing affects of DOXA.

Sherri R.
Five stars does not seem adequate for this particular business. Doxa products are spectacular, and since using the Hydrating Gelly, the aging of my skin has diminished substantially. Using Doxa products have substantially increased the health of my hair. I have more hair now than ever before and it does not damage and break any more.  The DoxaSoft soaps are glorious and I noticed that my skin no longer requires lotions to appear smooth and nourished. Extraordinary results!

Victoria S.
I started seeing Arlene in 2016. At that time I had no idea about taking care of my own health or skin, let alone my hair. She took the time to teach me so I CAN learn to love my hair. Which inevitably gave me the confidence to care for myself in every aspect of my life. I appreciate you, thank you for guiding me in the direction in loving me.

Rita B.
Arlene, is the ultimate professional. She is very aware and educated on proper hair care.
She understands that it requires full body health and will guide you in the direction of better care! Definitely recommend her.