Relevant Irrelevance


To say this is not uncomfortable, will not be genuine. This entire concept is not only innovative in the rawest form but awkward for its fierce novelty.

Our company spearheads a new industry to support newly educated clientele. We demand new standards set with proper research and development in the current beauty industry employing the most natural way. We are rewriting the books on hair, skin and body management with observation and hands-on practicality using nature as it was intended, up close and commonsense personal.
We create a space for people to connect with each other on a physical level, irrespective of ethnicity, skin color or gender while acknowledging their relevance.

Our societal culture is paradoxical and meandering. While some may argue hair has nothing to do with skin and why talk about the body. It is biting a lot off and chewing is with a stuffed mouth, but we must.

Our simple premise is to facilitate a learning curve of redirection to what truly makes us all human. Our focus is using God made natural energy to power the skin, hair and body. We teach people how to strengthen our own Human Keratin Protein.
We are relevant to the dialogue of race relations for hair, as much as it should be irrelevant in the workplace, it is not. It is made an item of extreme contention. Negro Hair is now recognized as a civil rights issue and this unfortunate history in present time must be dealt with.

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