I see a clearing. 

Offense will keep you bound.

Flesh will get hot upon entering this fire. 

Leave a comment. Blazes! Here goes...

Skin. Color. Hair. Type. Body. Shape.

You made it an issue. You. Who are you? The White Male. The White Female. 

The White Male dominance.

The White Female allowance.

The White Privilege and the Black Label

The Financial, Economic, Psychological and Social Structure of post-physical Slavery to establishment of New Slavery 2018: Nike, Starbucks, Marvel...

Frame the following meandering thoughts with those above points as you read and ask of yourself if you are Redeemed or Ruled?

Religion is not the Slave Master of New Slavery. Selah.

Religion was a tool in the hands of evil men, used to set the stage.


Eve is ruled and man is her Ruler. The Redeemed Woman is reconciled as RULER, male, and female, man, woman, side by side, with Christ as the Head. It is on such I build these thoughts...

From the advantage point of believing YOU are better, so YOU have more to offer to non-Whites.

When YOU support, YOU can claim our success as your helping us rise because we are unable without YOU. In a way, that holds some water, for mercy is extended from the person on top.


However, it may not be willingly or all altruistic and this is the rub.

We as Blacks often get so grateful to man, we discount GOD'S role in moving the hand of the Oppressor. We tend to just see what is in front of us and we subliminally see ourselves as inferior, needing help, which plays out in beheading us if we push against it as we find our footing in a society set rigged against our rise. We often will choose White over Black. Brainwashed?

: yeah

YOU may not have the stomach to hear this, but I pray for YOU. Start seeing your SELF, self. Look hard. YOU will see the vantage point. Your perch is high when YOU help Blacks, especially. 

Black Americans pose a threat because they are not as acquiescent as African or Carribean Peoples... for some reason... 

Defeat? Enslavement? Murder? Unbelievable, more than usual Brutality?

Both are robbed of their true selves.


The Black Expectation is expecting that merit, talent, skill, innovation, smarts, education will result in being accepted as equal, human, IDENTITY SOLVED!

EVEN IF solved... The woman. The BLACK woman has a double whammy to overcome which will result in overall freedom for all. Remember the womb promise. The punishment for the devil. 

This is where I see the area I can affect. The Black Expectation is to be more demanding of self, expecting to live the truth of our creation without acceptance of the facts of man. 

Facts are not Truths.

In other words, refuse to be ruled and defy it at all costs. Let God guide. We know His voice. Believe.

Freedom and purpose to BE are God-given and no man can grant this.

How am I defying the world?

Not with tutu. Not with fame. Not with name recognition.

With DOXA! 

Even upon fame and fortune, the Black suffers enormous pressures that are quite debilitating. They are sad people. Very seldom do I see a happy, moral, wealthy Black person speak out other than in quaint little inclusive, normalizing speeches. They are corrupt in some way if they are not their own. They can never direct their wealth for impact. Their purses are tied to whoever gave invent ok bv them as they "sold soul?" and it seem a taboo to talk about. Jordan... O'Neal, even Obama, etc.?! 

What do YOU think? I am seeking!

I mean, have YOU considered what Sharecroppers have done for the society we live in? Even after the destruction of Black Wallstreet and the theft of their earnings placed in banks during the Reconstruction Era?

Always. Blacks have operated from deficits and won.

Never with BIG money. With sheer, innate grit and perseverance.

So. With BIG money to so many, why are we not doing greater?

This is where I know I must lead the charge from the bottom up in helping this new generation see beyond their skin color, or the 'helping hand' by focusing on our skin being KERATIN, not MELANIN. 

Equipping them to break the vicious cycle and as my daughter says, "I choose blond."

We Blacks, have yet to learn to utilize the system as it used and uses us. I am learning to use everything.

Opportunity. Promotion. Comes from God. 

The White Man has demonized and stigmatized the Black Skin for his own gain; and quite cunningly, glamorized it for his own gain.


My skin is keratin as yours, White Person; so, I am the same as YOU.


YOU did not give me freedom or permission to be Human. God made me. Come to grips with that when YOU speak to me.


That is Doxa in a nutshell: I AM YOUR EQUAL.

Fearfully and wonderfully made. Created for eternity. Redeemed for greater. No time for niceties and cowering. Time has run out for small talk. Come Clean!

YOU, human; I, human!

What do YOU think?

Always, Blacks have operated from deficits and won.

This is my question to Blacks: 



The ISSUE is more about, and has always been, identity in a system built from Black Slavery, having been sold by our own brothers. 

The complexity of identity is maddening if we are surface dwellers. We all must learn to operate in God's image, not man's!

Our physicality MUST be addressed and reconciled! White and Black. 


WHY do we wear weaves, braids, dreadlocks, wigs, natural, relaxed, natural hair... and why the separation from all other hair types...

Why do we bleach, whiten our skin?

Where did AMBI come from?

The slogan Black is Beautiful?

My Black, My Beautiful?

Why? Why, these slogans?

What have they benefitted us?

Time to move on... 

Discover us and help others break free.

My industry is my own, no competition here. There is no other like me but, obviously, some in the soap and beauty industry now see me as a threat. And rightly so, because I will take no prisoners in this war to reclaim my humanity. My wealth. My nation. Promised to me long, long ago.

Man manipulated the complexity of the simple creation energy and I have been led back to the simplicity in the complication of their manipulations.

I am not melanin. I am human. The White Man has demonized the Black Skin for his own gain; as well as glamorized it for his own gain.


My skin is keratin as yours, White Person; so, I am the same as YOU. Human.

YOU did not give me freedom or permission to be Human. God made me.

That is the message of DOXA in a nutshell. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Created for eternity. Redeemed for greater. Reclaiming ME. US. GOD'S PEOPLE. HIDDEN AMONG THE NATIONS. NOT SKIN COLOR IF YOU UNDERSTAND THESE WRITINGS, overcoming offenses.

I am here, now. My faith identifies as Christian. I am a Christ Follower. I experience Jesus as SpiritMan. His flesh is beyond color because what He offers EXTENDS beyond color. It is why an oppressed People could love Him even as the White Man messed with His physical image. Christ is not esteemed by man. Nothing to look at or be impressed with as the Bible says. Read Isaiah 53 for more.

Christ offers strength and fortitude to stand against persecutors. His own disowned and killed Him. So if He was Black, Blacks killed Him. Swallow that. No one people can own Him because He is God. Spirit. Not here or there, BUT EVERYWHERE! AND... AND... HE CHOOSES HIS OWN PEOPLE! 

Quite simply, we are not willing to be humble or approach truth knowing we are flawed and flow in and out of righteousness. We allow what we see to remove us from His Love, grace, and mercy.

Subjective is fact, to include alternative facts; BENEFITING THE SUBJECT, alone.

Objective is TRUTH(.), BENEFITING all.

The simple truth is ... I write like an Old Testament Prophet! Lol 

#doxa is for all.

We wash the same in humility, in seeking our God on equal footing... Irie.

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