Your Frizzy Curl

Your Frizzy Curl

Will you expect me to tell you how keratin hair treatment help in straightening and smoothing your hair?

Can I ask if you know what keratin protein is? How about, do you know what your hair strand consist of? 

These questions are legitimate. These questions you need to get answers for. They are necessary for you to finally solve your frizzy hair problem. Shall we?



Your hair strand is made up of cuticle, cortex and medulla, primarily consisting of keratin protein. The building blocks of keratin protein are amino acids, about 18 of them, both essential and nonessential. The nonessential amino acids are made in your own body and the essential ones come from foods you eat. The rest of the hairstrand consist of water, lipids, minerals and pigments. 



The frizzies are a result of the hair strand structure being disturbed, inside and/or outside. Either it lacks nutrients on the inside from its root causing the cuticle to raise like scales on a dried fish or tree bark. I know! The visuals are real! But, do you understand?

The hair strand can be disturbed from the outside by harsh shampoos, conditioners, oils, chemicals, excessive heat  that exacerbate the cuticle to raise up... like our fish and tree bark visual from earlier.



This is a process that can be mechanical heat or chemical or both. The cuticle is softened and swelled by an ammonia or a derivative and heat is applied for straightening and smoothing. Another method is hair is filled with keratin protein and sealed with heat. Often this is a lengthy and quite stinky process. Some applications require masks! Imagine that! Sounds like we are working with gases that are toxic. Which brings me to why Doxa does not permanently alter the hairstrand at all.



Your hair strand already is keratin protein so we make our products with amino acids and vitamins that can feed the existing keratin protein. We believe it necessary to work with the hair as it is created. We believe the inside organs absorb nutrients and we believe the skin being the largest organ, also absorbs nutrient. Most people do not realize the hair strand is their skin. The nails, toes and fingers, are hardened skin,  hardened keratin protein. They are porous and become extremely unhealthily porous when depleted of nutrients. Doxa fills this void on the outer most layers of the hair that are farthest from the roots where hair get its nutrients. Doxa provides the nutrients that stabilize the hairstrand and strengthen it from outside to meet the healthy inside that you create with a proper diet, thereby closing and creating a healthy semiporous strand that can withstand heat to smooth the strand using your own natural oils, sebum. This is not harmful and requires no chemical. We do not need to add keratin protein to hair strand for straightening and smoothing the hair. 


REVOLUTIONARY: Sebum, not Serum!


This is revolutionary and a new industry we are creating. One that is totally dependent on using natural food ingredients on the outside and you eat for the inside. Our skin does eat as our inside organs by absorption. We must avoid added oils or emollients on the hair shafft because hardened keratin protein will absorb oils and will not be moisturized. To gain proper  moisture balance where hair does not frizz, the hair needs water beefed up with nutrients. Think of your body being thirsty. You would never drink oil! Lol So why do that to our hair? 



To get control of frizzy hair, you must eliminate harsh  chemical, excess heat, oils, serums and conditioners. Embrace knowing your body is making nonessential amino acids and you are eating essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals in your foods and in turn the Doxa hair products you use will rebuild your compromised cuticle without harming your cortex. The cleanse balance and hydrate is enough for controlling your frizzies always. 



Do you need keratin protein to straighten and smooth hair? YES 

Do you need to add keratin protein treatment to your hair for straightening and smoothing hair? NO 



Why not strength YOUR VERY OWN keratin protein? Your skin and hair were designed to protect your body and so we can trust it and work with it. It produces its own natural oils and conditioners to straighten and smooth your own hair successfully. Get to know your own hair and build it from within!







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