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The Doxa Gene

Doxa Newbie

Doxa Newbie

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Doxa Newbie

A natural approach to self-care for you and a loved one. Simply experience the wonder of our ever evolving seasonal blends and inspired fragrances.

This package includes

  • 2 DoxaSoft Soap
  • 1 Doxa Balancing Tonique 
  • 1 Hydrating Gelly 


  • All scents and fragrances in packages are pre-selected by the salon.
  • Refrigerate liquids, as there are no chemical preservatives.
  • For your choice of Doxa Soft and Doxa Hydrating Gelly, please order individually.
  • Please see individual soap listings for descriptions of use and benefits.
  • Blends may vary in color, but all products are consistently Doxa. 
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